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How To Use Our Mood Board Function

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to create a quick little tutorial for you to show you the ins and outs of how our mood board function works.  You must be logged in to be able to use this function.


You’re browsing through our lovely products, and see a product you would like to add to a mood board.



You click on the product, and down the right hand side, there is an option called ‘add to mood board’ and click on ‘create mood board’


You will see a pop up to give your mood board a name.


Enter a name of your choice, and then click ‘create Mood Board’.



You will then see a pop up, from which you can go back to browsing products, or go to view the mood board. We’re going to go to ‘View Mood Board’.



From here, you have several options. Since we only have one product in our board so far, we are going to click on ‘Add products to mood board’.



You can then select what kind of products to browse, search for products or take a look at our mood boards for inspiration.



As you continue to find products which you would like to add to your mood board, look to the same place as before, and select the mood board you would like to add the product to.


Once you have selected the mood board you wish to use, click add.



If you wish to see your mood boards at any time, simply click on ‘Mood boards’ and then select ‘My mood boards’. Or you could look for a little inspiration from us!



You will see your mood boards listed and an option to create a new mood board, should you want to.


From here, you can also rename your mood board, delete your mood board or share it to social media, should you choose to.


If you click on your mood board, you will be able to see all the products you have added. You can add the mood board to your basket, if you’ve decided you would like to purchase the look you have created. You can clone the mood board if you wish to create a slightly different look. You can delete the products, should you wish to remove them from your look, using the little bin icon. You can also add more products to your mood board, as seen previously.



So there you have it! We hope you enjoy this fun new feature, and use it to put together many beautiful looks to help you decide what you would like to purchase.


P.S. If you like the look I put together, you can find it in inspirations. X