Our Efforts to Reduce our Environmental Impact with Our New Range

12 April 2020

With an ever-growing global demand for resources and a greater collective awareness of our environmental impact, we as a brand together with Raine & Humble are increasing our efforts to minimise our waste and our negative impact on the Earth. Although we can’t confess to be perfect, we’re trying our best to look for alternatives to single use plastics, such as using paper wraps to protect our latest textile range and using sugar cane bags to package orders.


That’s where our latest collection comes in. Our team has developed a new fabric using a blend of recycled fibre and cotton which not only reduces our carbon footprint but also reduces the amount of fabric going to landfill and creates a beautiful soft fabric on the process. Check out the video at the end of this post to see the process.


The colour pallet for our latest range comes from Raine & Humble’s motherland, Australia.

The raw red earth, wild winter ocean, varied plant life and the golden mustard tones of the pollens and honey can call be found in the Abby Bee range, coming together with the natural taupe of the fabric, the simple Bee design as well as the other 100% cotton lines with our ever popular giant pom pom cushions in new colour ways; the gorgeous Myrtle print and simple ticking stripe to produce a classic, wholesome and homely collection. Click here to check out or recycled product range.

Besides the obvious environmental impacts, we also only work with small manufacturers and artisan producers rather than large corporations so that we can really see and feel the impact our business has working together with our producers. It also makes our products that extra bit special with that small batch, made with care look and feel that our customers love. We know it’s cheesy and it’s been said time and time again, but it’s true- if everyone were to make small, concious changes to their everyday lives, the impact would be huge! ​