Trends We Love

12 March 2020

We aren’t religious about following trends to the letter, but of course we use them for inspiration! We’ve gathered together a list of trends we’re loving, that we support, and we think are just going to keep growing into next season. All the following trends sit hand in hand with each other and as you’ll see, the central theme for all is inspired by our home, Planet Earth.

Wabi Sabi

With the 2020 Olympics supposed to be taking place in Japan next year we’re seeing a rise of Japanese inspired looks, our favourite of which is Wabi Sabi, which looks at the beauty in imperfection.

This trend encompasses handmade products with anything that may have subtle differences from batch to batch due to human finish or natural processes, such as the glaze finish, shape or dye.


Responsibly Sourced Products

Encompassing both manufacture and material, this trend comes from the increase in awareness toward both who makes the products we are buying and what they are made from. Recycled materials and ethical/ artisan produced products are on the rise.

When you buy from a small manufacture or artisan crafts people, you know that your money is going right to the people who are making the product and you have more of a direct impact on their livelihood.

For more information about what we’re doing to make our products more environmentally friendly, click here.

Earthy Tones

Looking forecasts from the likes of Sherwin Williams, Dulux, Pantone and the Autumn Fashion weeks, they’re all showing shades of the same hues, with varying vibrancy.

Colours taking inspiration from nature are popular as ever, with earthy clay tones, burnt oranges, terracotta, deep forest greens, dark teal and faded denim blues.

We love these colours because they create such a cosy and grounding space to gather your thoughts and re-centre.


Natural Materials

Another trend which we’re seeing everywhere are natural materials. From clay, linen, raw wood, rattan, stone, leather and wool. Layer these textures to create a comfortable and natural space. ​