Official Stockist Information

Official Stockist Information

In order for our regular trade customers to maintain a level of priority within their geographical area, we have set out Terms & Conditions regarding the supply of more than one stockist in different types of locations. As a growing business, the issue of exclusivity is important to us, therefore in order to address this issue we have drawn up clear guidelines in which we state our expectations for companies wishing to sell our products, and equally our commitment to our loyal stockists who support us by ordering regularly. As a limited company we can’t actually offer exclusivity as such but we do work with our stockists to make sure that you are not in competition with anyone else in your area with our products and also to make sure that towns do not become overstocked, to make sure that the brand keeps its special boutique feel.

Our aim is to avoid over-supplying any area and to reassure our regular customers that if they show a reasonable financial commitment to stocking our products, we will reciprocate by not selling the the same products to another stockist that is close by. The only exception to this may be if a stockist in a similar location wishes to sell an entirely different product category, for example a cookware shop selling kitchen textiles only alongside an interiors shop selling cushions only. This would be done in discussion with the first stockist.

In order to protect their exclusivity, stockists must fulfill these criteria to become an ‘Official Stockist’.

Definition of Official Stockist: If you wish to become an official stockist within your area, you agree to place orders that total £2,500 net per brand within a twelve month period (if we receive a new stockist enquiry we will look at sales from the preceding twelve months from the date of the enquiry). We will consider you to be maintaining Official Stockist status if you re-order within 6 months of your first order. However, we will not supply any other outlet in your vicinity with the same products during this time to allow for sales of the first delivery. As an official stockist, we will promote your status via our website and all retail queries coming into us for your area will be directed to you.

If you do not place a second order within 6 months, you risk losing official stockist in your area. If we are approached by another outlet after the six months has passed, we will contact you to discuss the situation and give you the opportunity to place an order to secure your position.

If you do not order within 12 months, we will consider you to be no longer stocking our products and we will be free to supply another outlet in your area without informing you.

Number of Stockists allowed in a geographical area:

We calculate the distance between stockists by using Google Maps. Any stockists within a 30 minute walking distance door to door of one another will be cross checked as standard.

Morgan Wright Ltd reserve the right to supply National Companies e.g National Trust & Multiple retailers

If there is a dispute between stockists, our agents with the local knowledge can deal with exclusivity issues; however Morgan Wright reserves the right to choose which stockist to supply in case of dispute. If you do not wish to spend £2,500 per year, you can still be a stockist but we are free to supply other customers in your area with the same brands. Please rest assured however that we do our best to avoid crossover of products within an area, regardless of spend.


As it is impossible to monitor online sales this policy does not apply to online retail.