How do I set up a trade account with you?
We just need to collect a few details about your business first – click here to register. Once we have this we’ll check and approve your account and email you once it’s done.

What’s your minimum order?
We don’t have one! We understand that smaller shops can’t always reach the high minimums set by some wholesale companies and we don’t want this to put you off stocking our lovely products so we have no minimum order! We just have pack sizes on each product which is explained on the product page, for example we sell our cushions in packs of 4.

Do you have a carriage paid amount?
Yes, we pay for carriage on all UK orders if the order value is more than £500 ex VAT. For orders from Ireland carriage paid is at £1000 ex VAT and in Europe it’s £2000. Under that, as a rough guide, delivery costs 5-7% of the new invoice amount (depending on the weight of products).

I don’t have a retail shop; can I still buy your products?
If you're looking for a local stockist, dop us an email to info@morgan-wright.co.uk and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you’ll find the range online at http://www.mwhome.co.uk

If I stock your products in my shop, can I have exclusivity in my area?
As a limited company we can’t actually offer exclusivity as such but we do work with our stockists to make sure that you are not in competition with anyone else in your area with our products and also to make sure that towns do not become overstocked, to make sure that the brand keeps its special boutique feel. See our ‘Official Stockist Terms and Conditions’ for more details.

Can I see your products anywhere?
Yes we have a showroom in Nottinghamshire - click here to book a visit. We also visit Top Drawer in September and Jan, and you'll find us in the Summerhouse at Spring Fair. Check out our ‘Trade Shows’ page for more details.

What are the rules for RRP ?

We provide a Recommended resale price (RRP) for all of our products, these can be found on the product page. We ask that these prices are not undercut where possible however you are free to set you own selling price.