Our Ethics Statement


Here at Morgan Wright we believe that style shouldn't cost the Earth and that we as a business have a responsibility to make sure our products are made ethically and as sustainably as possible and we strive to improve upon our practices to lessen our negative impact on the planet.


ALSO Home's Ethical Statement

We are an approachable brand and business and value the communities we work with and the community we work in. Influenced by the world around us we work to protect the environment wherever possible and cause no unnecessary harm through the products we produce. We are socially conscious and work uncompromisingly to keep traditional techniques and crafts alive by adding a modern twist.

We value happiness and bringing joy through the products we design and for the artisans and crafts people who produce them. We are forward thinking, personable and inspirational, valuing communication and honesty.

Raine & Humble's Ethical Statement

By integrating a recycled fabric initiative and saying no to plastic packaging, Raine & Humble minimises our carbon footprint at every turn. We are also proud to uphold industry-leading European standards in dyeing and textile manufacture.

Guided by our head of manufacturing,Vanji’s dedication to philanthropic work for the marginalised in India, our business proactively supports the skilled craftspeople in our community, ensuring secure livelihoods for their families.

MW Home's Ethical Statement

At MW Home we believe in working with small manufacturers and artisan producers to support small businesses like ours because it has a larger positive impact on the individuals involved in crafting our products. We also strive to find ways of cutting our environmental imapct, especially through our packaging and the materials we use in our products.